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Smart electronics/wearable devices
Name : Smart electronics/wearable devices
Category : Applications
Detail introduction :
Smart wearable device: In recent years, with the rising of 5G technology, smart wearable devices have become more and more prevalent. Smart wearable devices include smartwatches and Bluetooth earphones that we use daily.  As the market of smart wearable devices grows significantly, the competition in this field becomes more and more fierce. It is required that the inductors equipped with smart wearable devices have the characteristics of miniaturization, high-frequency precision and long-term reliability.
Molding choke has become an indispensable part of these smart wearable devices. It has the characteristics of small size, high current and temperature resistance, stable structure, lower impedance, excellent electrical characteristics and shielding, strong electromagnetic interference resistance, ultra-low buzzer, high-density installation and long service life.
The technology of large-size molding choke production has reached maturity, but the technology of small-size molding choke production is monopolized. Hotland is one of the few manufacturers that can produce small-size molding choke. Nowadays, we are focusing on the production of 2520, 2016, 2012, 1608 and other small-size specifications.

Smart home appliances: Smart home appliances have become the development trend of household appliances. Meanwhile, the inductor as an important component in the circuit of smart home appliances, plays the role of slowing temporary current change, it can also effectively participate in the circuit surge current protection to prevent the sudden increase of current caused damage to the circuit component;  In addition, in order to ensure the accuracy and strength of the current signal in the data transmission process of smart home appliances, inductance filter and power amplifier circuit are indispensable.  The inductor is the core electronic component in the filter circuit and power amplifier circuit.