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Name : Laptop
Category : Applications
Detail introduction :
Lighter, thinner and faster have been the ultimate goal of laptop manufacturers around the world.  Molding choke perfectly fits the needs of laptop computers. Molding choke is actually similar to the ordinary SMT inductor in appearance, but in terms of performance, it has more advantages:
1.  The volume of molding choke is smaller, which can save a lot of space electricity.
2.  Various models and sizes, wide operating temperature range, between -25℃~125℃;
3.  In the same size condition, the current of the molding choke is about 30% higher than the traditional power inductor.
4.  The structure is coated with magnetic glue, which can greatly reduce the generated buzzer.
5.  Integrated inductor adopts closed magnetic circuit structure design, less magnetic core loss, strong EMI resistance.